Thursday, September 27, 2012

Custom order wait time

Building Custom bows is what we do.

    Its not a hobby, or some side job we perform in our garage. We keep a full selection of materials in sock at all times and have a large shop full of equipment designed specifically for building bows. When we receive an order we get it right in the works and usually have it done in less than 6 weeks. We  have never been more than 8 weeks behind. We  wont sit on your deposit for 9 months till we have time between other jobs to build your bow, again, Building bows is what we do. Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors, we do not deliver late. When we give you a timeline we meet it.

Call or email and ask about our current wait time.


  1. After dabbling with a recurve for a few days, I picked up my trusty, proven during deer season, Toelke Super D 66" Longbow tonight and started to get the eye back to zero with it. It wasn't long before the arrows started to land exactly where they were intended. The target never knew what was coming, because unknown to it, the Super D launched the arrows in dead silence. Not heavy arrows either, about an 8.7 grains per pound Gold Tip Traditionals. The last two arrows of the night were both tipped with points that were 50 grains in difference. The shots were taken at twenty one yards and were intended for the end of a strip of electrical tape no wider than 5/8 of an inch running vertical on the backstop foam. They both hit their mark. There is just something about a finely crafted custom Toelke bow that makes you feel special. Worth every penny!

  2. My Super D is silent and very quick as well. I have test pack of wood arrows coming soon. Been shooting 400 axis. I want to give woods a try this year. My next one is going to be another Bamboo limb beauty but better get the youngest a bow first!


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