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A young man showing the 10 ring hit he made with his tadpole at the Fawn creek 3D shoot!

  "I took 1st place at AIHEC archery comp. I out shot every tribal college in the United states with my 64" Toelke whip 50# @28". Thanks dan for such an amazing bow representing Montana with a Montana custom bow."




This bow is fantastic!  Smooth drawing, virtually silent, and the arrow goes exactly where I'm looking if I do my part.  Seems more accurate than other R/D bows I've shot.  The performance is impressive to say the least.  She loves 7" 9/16 brace and just a hair under 5/8 nock.  In all my confidence has already grown to what I would expect of a target bow... and she's a hunting bow.  That's the utility end.  You really understand hand anatomy, as the handle provides molded feel; once the draw begins it's rock solid laterally.  This allows my to actually relax the fingers and just push. 

As far as looks?  How about a piece of furniture?  Does that capture the essence of your craftsmanship?  No seams, glue lines, and the core layers flow together and into the riser almost as if they were liquid.  In fact the way that the Cocobolo narrows at the fades and continues to the tips in a wafer thin core is artwork plain and simple.  Juniper is probably my favorite veneer for a limb as it reminds me of knotty pine and lodges out West.  The coloring on these limbs is striking, and my coworkers were oohing and ahhing over the entire piece, but the limbs caught everyone's attention. 

Thank you again for such quick delivery; it was amazing how fast it got here.  

Paul H. King


  1. Dan got my Super D today, don't know what to say as I have never had anything that nice perform so well.It's my first new bow and my first Toelke but I don't plan on it being my last, my son already wants one, I just gave him my old bow 34# at his draw told him he will have to wait a while. I have 3 sons 1 daughter and thay all love to shoot, Thanks again for an excellent performing bow!!! Darin Putman

  2. I've been shooting my whip for the past 3weeks. I love it.
    Smooth, comfortable grip, and beautiful. If your like me you have a bow rack full of bows, and you keep looking for that special one. the whip is it for me. I've went and shot them all again after the whip, and I decided I don't even want to shoot them anymore. I gave Dan a call to see what's include and we ended up talking about my form issues and draw length he gave me good advise that improved my shot. Thanks Dan.

  3. Dan,

    The new bow is a dream! It shoots way better than my current ability. Thanks for the awesome work you put into it!

    Scott Kessel

  4. Here is a web link for a short review along with a shooting video of a 64" Standard Whip.

  5. To anyone considering a Toelke bow, rest assured, you will not be disappointed. I was completely floored when I took my 64 Super Static Recurve out of the shipping tube. Here's what you get when you buy a Toelke:

    1. Excellent, excellent customer service
    2. Exquisite craftsmanship - the fit and finish is the finest I've seen and is flawless
    3. Excellent bow design. The grip is the most comfortable I've experienced
    4. Excellent string construction - Jared makes an awesome string
    5. Quick turn around. 2 weeks from order to door for mine. Seriously?
    6. Round shipping tube. Why don't all bowyers do this?
    7. A wonderful, wonderful shooter

    The only issue I've experienced so far is now I want a Whip......

    Darren Copeland

  6. Thanks Dan and Jared for the Awesome Whip. My new Whip shoots as smooth as my custom recurve! Absolutely No hand shock, smooth and unbelievably fast. I love the finish on it too, no shine at all, beautiful. It made the move to a longbow a joy!!!
    I love it. Thanks again.
    Harold Wagner
    Billings MT

  7. Toelke Tadpoles in action

  8. I received my new Super D a few weeks ago, and already own a Classic Whip. Both bows are phenomenal - very light in the hand, quiet and quick. The Classic Whip is arguably the finest D/R bow I've ever owned, but I'm really taking the time to write this in order to rave about my Super D (#53@28"). With no special tuning on my part, it is without a doubt the quietest bow I have ever shot. If you are someone who equates Hill-style longbows with slow speed and unpleasant handshock, the Super D will forever change that opinion. Workmanship is impeccable, just like every other Toelke I've ever laid eyes on. And the draw is so linear and smooth that I have a hard time believing I'm not drawing a bow 5-10 lbs. lighter.

    I don't know how Dan and Jared have taken such a deceptively simple design and turned it into something so unique, but the Super D really is in a class of its own.

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  10. That is my boy at the top, he's on the right track!
    Here is a link to some Super D shooting, an amendment to the post above. A fantastic, well mannered bow that is as easy to tune as all of the Toelke bows.

  11. If you are on the fence about ordering one of Dans' bows, do not sit there to long. They are so fun to shoot, they bring back the passion of just shooting at whatever strikes your fancy. Grab some FluFlu arrows and take a walk with one of Dans bows and find the enjoyment of traditional archery tackle.



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