Recurve Designs

The Chinook

   A 58" or 60" 50s style recurve boasting Great performance and quietness, a combination not often heard of. Featuring a locator style grip with thumbrest or leather wrapped classic grip , bamboo core, the best of fiberglass,  your choice of  exotic hardwood riser, and Limb face laminations. 
Price $875, two piece Chinook $1125,  
 60" Chinook, Profile

Standard Chinook
Chinook TD

THE 64 Super Static Recurve
   The newest addition to the Toelke line of traditional bows, this "improved static" design shows great performance especially with heavy hunting arrows. Its unique design performs well for a wide range of draw lengths. A exceptionally smooth draw gives the feeling of let off when at full draw. Offered with our standard "locator" grip or our "Classic" grip, either of which can be built as a two piece featuring the BOW BOLT t/d system.
One piece bows are $875 with most options, and T/D models are $1125
 64SS Profile

64SS Pau Ferro riser, Maple face veneers

SS, Classic grip

he 52 Troll
  A 52" recurve with locator grip, bamboo cores and your choice of hardwood riser and face veneers. great for blinds and tree stands! This bow has full working tips and can be shot by archers with a draw length of over 29"!
One piece $800  Two piece $1050

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