Replacement Strings

  We build all of our strings for our bows, we will also build replacement strings for any Toelke bow. Replacements are $20ea with cat whisker silencers and shipping is Free in the USA.
Please contact us for International rates.

   Our strings are built Endless Loop style in our own fashion. We recommend fast flight for our bows and for mid to light weight bows we use eight strands of a quality, durable bowstring. We recently switched to Crown for our center serving and to serve our padded end loops. I believe it is the toughest serving I have used.

   We have worked hard to create a extremely durable string, a string that functions best for each bow model and want these string to be available to our customers!

To order, mail a personal check or PO money order to:
Dan Toelke
31345 lost creek lane
Ronan, MT 59864

   Specifying what Toelke model and bow Length the strings are for. We do not provide bowstrings for other manufacturers bows.

Tab Kits
Our tabs are a product of years of Dan Toelke research. Kits are available in small medium and large. Each kit comes with two sizes of O rings, two tab faces and two tab backings. The fleece face is a great all around choice and our first choice for wet weather shooting as release is the same wet or dry!
Kits are $20 shipped
To order mail check or money order payable to:

Dan Toelke
31345 lost creek lane
Ronan, MT 59864

Specify style and size

Split Finger Kit

Three Under Kit

Two Under Kit   
 Also included is a instructional page on shooting the Dan Toelke "two finger" shooting method.

Nock Fit Tool
A tight nock or a nock with heavy clips can result in poor arrow flight and more noise from your bow. This simple, easy to use tool quickly and evenly adjust nocks to desired tension without damaging or weakening them. Machined from aluminum with two sizes for getting correct fit, this tool will last forever and can save you a lot of headache when tuning arrows.
A crazy deal at $9.99 to your door!

Quarter for size comparison


Great for archery clubs or the backyard archer these stands make 3D target setup and moving a breeze. They are also great for placing targets in loose soil where a standard ground stake wont hold. Broad width will  stabilize even large targets. To save you money on shipping we are selling these in sets of 3 pair(6pc.) for $139.95 shipped.
Can be used as set or one stand and one stake

The Toelke hunting knife by Hook Knives $150
The Hook drop point is:
 7 1/2" in overall length 
 3 1/2" cutting edge 

These Knives will be engraved with the Two Ts as our bows are marked and offered with grips of the same wood species as our bow risers. They come with a rugged, washable Kydex sheath designed to be tossed in your pack or tethered to your gear.
Knives can be ordered alone or along with your custom bow. Wait time is the same as our wait on custom bow orders.
Most knives will ship directly from Hook Knives

"Hook knives are made from 440 c stainless steel, and hardened to 58-60 on the rockwell hardness scale. This combination is a very practical compromise between hardness and strength, meaning it holds its edge but maintains a resistance to chipping and cracking. Combined with the low-maintenance  rust resistance of a stainless alloy this makes for a rough and rugged steel, very useful for the outdoorsman and chef alike."

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