Friday, April 15, 2016

Best bows for long draw

  We try to accommodate all archers including building bows that perform for the short draw archers, bows that open smoothly to extreme long draw and everyone in between! To best  handle you guys who have trouble finding arrows long enough (30"-33" plus draw length) we have a few great options!
  Our 66" Whip Is buttery smooth (well under 3# per inch) to 33"+ draw lengths and performs! We have some guys shooting these at 34".

  The 66" Lynx is also a great option drawing smoothly(again well under 3# per inch) to that 32"+ range.

  Those looking for a recurve option our 64" SS is very easy to shoot and unbelievably smooth. We are building one right now for a customer ("Don"your bow is in the works!) the bow will be 51#@32" and  42#@28".  Simple math, 9 lbs in 4" is 2 1/4lb PER INCH from 28" to 32"! Hard to imagine how good that feels without drawing one yourself.

All of these bows can be built with grips to handle big hands. We have seen hand tracings that didn't fit on on a standard sheet of paper! With a little information we can make a bow that will truly fit you.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Farr West Leather

  When Innovation meets quality craftsmanship we take note. Today I would like to shine a spotlight on Farr West Leather. Tim produces some quality leather products for the archery industry and has some innovative stuff. Here are just a few of his many great pieces.  Check out the full line at

This is a quick easy way to handle arrows with field points or Judo points. 
Just tuck the flap in a hind pocket and your off.

 The "ABSORKEE" line of hunting quivers offer a effective way to carry broadheads boasting easy quiet arrow removal.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Black glass

  We keep black and brown glass in stock and come up with some nice combinations to complement them.   Here is a black glass Pika we just added to our inventory.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blind bows

Turkeys are strutting around the shop now so were guessing its time for a new blind bow!
We have plenty of Pika's and Kestrel's in stock and ready to ship including these two new Kestrels we 



Monday, February 29, 2016

Montana Bowhunters Convention

   We will be attending the Montana Bowhunters Association Convention April 1st-3rd at Fairmont hot springs. We will be bringing bows and requesting a target range for those interested in test driving a Toelke bow.
   For those who haven't been, Fairmont is a nice resort that is very family friendly. For more information on the convention visit .

Monday, February 22, 2016

To many woods to list!

   We keep a great selection of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Our wood selection is always changing but those looking to order can get a idea of what we have in stock by looking at our inventory. If you are looking for certain colors or particular grain structure call us. We are constantly going through our wood and know pretty well what we have. Only on the rare occasion do we not have something to match a customers wishes.