Friday, August 30, 2013

New limb veneer option!

   We now have spalted Maple in stock, some of which is highly figured, it has a very nice color under the glass that will go good with a variety of riser woods. Below is a picture of spalted maple in a longbow limb (this bow is in our inventory 66" 43#@28").

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two piece, or Three?

This is not a "which is better?" but rather "which is better for what purpose?"

    To compare the two piece Whip, Chinook, Kestrel, or 64SS to the three piece Lynx would be like trying to compare a lion and a shark. The differences are to great, so instead lets look at how they contrast. 

    The two piece bow is a handy bow that can be broken down to save space in a matter of seconds. Those who desire a take down for the ease of travel, our two piece bows featuring the Bow Bolt take down system are top notch!

    The Lynx can also be taken apart to save space but requires a wrench and takes a minute or two to perform. The best purpose for the three piece is having the option of limb sets in multiple draw weights or having both longbow and recurve limbs.

    One, two or three, the choice is yours, the options are endless.

Friday, August 23, 2013

                                         Prouduct review: The Fast Stand

      A great guy and fellow trad. archer from right here in Montana started making these handy 3D target stands 3 years ago. We use them on almost all our 3D targets and have had great results. No more stakes tipping over in loose ground, holes in your yard or having to grab a hammer to change the placement/angle of your targets. Just place the stands in your target, tip it up and your ready to shoot. He is making them available to the public and is ready for orders.

 Cost per pair is arround  $45 Shipped to the lower 48, for quantity priceing and to place orders Contact Mike

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mule deer bucks swimming the Flathead river.

   Archery season is just around the corner! Call or email us today to talk about your new hunting bow. Also keep an eye on our inventory as we will be getting a few new bows on there before summers end. Best to all our customers and feature customers, we hope you are enjoying your summer!
Dan and Jared Toelke