Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lynx Longbow/Recurve

Mycarta/Cocobolo riser, juniper limb faces on longbow and gum Cherry faces on the recurve limbs.

Lynx longbow:  The lynx longbow limb was designed with the whip in mind. We wanted to keep that smooth feel and hush quietness. This we achieved in all four lengths along with great cast. A great choice for hunters and target archers.

Recurve limbs: These were designed with high energy storage and a full working tip. They perform great for a wide variety of draw lengths and are offered in 58" and 60" lengths.

Having both longbow and recurve limbs gives you the ability to switch from one to the other without changing your sight picture. We suggest ordering your longbow limbs a couple pounds heavier than the recurve. This will allow you to switch without changing arrows and give you the same cast.