Recurve Designs

The Chinook

   A 58" or 60" 50s style recurve boasting Great performance and quietness, a combination not often heard of. Featuring a locator style grip with thumbrest or leather wrapped classic grip , bamboo core, the best of fiberglass,  your choice of  exotic hardwood riser, and Limb face laminations. 
Price $1050, two piece Chinook $1325. 
 60" Chinook, Profile

Standard Chinook
Classic Chinook

Chinook TD

THE 64 Super Static Recurve(SS & SSLR)
   This "improved, semi static" design shows great performance especially with heavy hunting arrows. Its unique design performs well for a wide range of draw lengths. A exceptionally smooth draw gives the feeling of let off when at full draw. 

The SS is offered in two riser lengths(fade to fade) the "SS" being a top choice for archers 30"-34" draw and the "SSLR" being best for archers under 30.5" draw.

Offered with our "standard" grip with thumb rest,  our "Classic" leather wrapped grip(no thumb rest). Now also available in our new10X riser option.

We now offer the SS(and SSLR) with a riser shape option to mimic that of our 10X competition longbow.  The grip similar to that of a target recurve grip. These bows will be marked SS 10X or SSLR 10X

One piece bows are $1075 with most options, and T/D models are $1350

 64SS Profile

64SS micarta riser, cocobolo accents

SS, Classic grip

SS 10X riser option

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