Longbow Designs

 All bows come with a soft case and two bowstrings. First time customers will also receive a free bowstringer!

For black and brown glass bows subtract $100.00 

The Whip,  
  Our most popular design since its beginning in 2005, World renowned as being one of the quietest reflex Deflex longbows you will ever shoot coupled with great performance, shootability and smoothness. Standard components are a bamboo core, exotic riser of your choice and face veneers of your choice. 
  The "standard" grip features a locator style grip with a thumb rest. 

Our "CLASSIC" grip is a low locator grip with no thumb rest and a leather wrap.

10X riser option

We now offer the Whip with a riser shape and grip option to mimic our 10X Competition longbow. The grip similar to that of a target recurve grip. These bows will be marked “Whip 10X”

Offered in lengths of 60", 62", 64" and 66".
Price $1000
Two piece Whips feature a Micarta riser and the bow bolt take down system. price $1275.

64" Whip profile

Standard grip(TakeDown)

Classic grip
Whip 10x riser option

The Whistler,
The Whistler is a reflex deflex longbow offered in a 58" and 60" lengths.  It is smooth drawing, quiet, soft in the hand as well as being forgiving and easy to shoot. A high tension, high performance limb that is well suited for archers up to 32" draw in the 60" and 30.5" in the 58". 
Available with our standard and classic grips
Offered in a one piece $1000
Or a two pice take down featuring the bow bolt take down system $1275

 Standard Grip Whistler

 Classic Whistler

The Pika, 
  The "Pika" is a short reflex deflex longbow available in 54" and 56" lengths. The 54" draws smooth to 28.5" and the 56" draws smooth to nearly 30".  At only 53" and 55" over all length when strung it will fit in the tightest of spots. Whats more but it offers a smooth quiet release while being unbelievably stable and forgiving.
Offered in a one piece $950
Or a two pice take down featuring the bow bolt take down system $1225

56" Pika standard grip

Classic with Beaver tail grip

The Super D Due to low demand Super-Ds will only be produced once annually. Orders may be placed at any time but will only be produced in the fall/winter months on our schedule. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 
  This longbow turns the heads of shooters who enjoy shooting D style bows. The super D has very little hand shock unlike many D bows. Featuring a leather wrapped grip, Bamboo core, your choice of  hardwood riser, and limb veneers.
offered in 62" 64" 66" and 68" lengths
Price $975     
 66 Super D, Profile

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A small deposit is required upon ordering with the remaining balance due when your bow is completed.
Any bow not paid for in full within 60 days of completion will go into our inventory and we will keep your deposit.
Customers who default on payment will be required to pay in full up front if they would like to order another bow.
We have very little trouble with this thanks to our great customers!


  1. Here is a web link to a review for a 64" Standard whip. There are photos along with a short shooting video.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vitNgr8XLAg&feature=youtube_gdata_player


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