Monday, November 26, 2012

Customer Appreciation bow giveaway!!

If you ordered your dream Toelke bow what would it look like?
What model is it?
Draw weight?
What woods?
Tell us about it and you could be the lucky one to have it built for FREE!

Here's how it works, you mail us a post card with your contact information, tell us about your dream bow and on January 1 2013 we will draw one card and we will build that lucky person their dream Toelke bow.

Thank you

Dan and Jared Toelke

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Custom order wait time

Building Custom bows is what we do.

    Its not a hobby, or some side job we perform in our garage. We keep a full selection of materials in sock at all times and have a large shop full of equipment designed specifically for building bows. When we receive an order we get it right in the works and usually have it done in less than 6 weeks. We  have never been more than 8 weeks behind. We  wont sit on your deposit for 9 months till we have time between other jobs to build your bow, again, Building bows is what we do. Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors, we do not deliver late. When we give you a timeline we meet it.

Call or email and ask about our current wait time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Double Robin Hood

      Many times we've been asked,"how well can you shoot a a Whip longbow that weighs only 18 ounces?"  Today while shooting our (shot out) rhinehart 3D target the answer came to Dan. At 22 yards he sailed an arrow into the core of the target, upon drawing a second arrow and shooting it, there was a report. A loud crack of arrows colliding, the second  arrow burring into the first and driving it through the target. This supported the second arrow for the third shot. Could it be done twice in a row? The third shot struck dead center on the nock and bore into the second arrow leaving  the third in the target and the first two hanging 60 inches out the back side of the target. 

                        Dan with his prize that unfortunately cost him two CX Heritage shafts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Does your little guy or gal want a Toelke bow like dads?

    Introducing the "TadPole"   a 50" reflex deflex longbow built to meet the needs of young shooters.
Boasting great performance, classy looks and the smooth quiet feel that you've come to expect from a Toelke bow.
 Here is the latest batch, poundage ranges from 13 to 22 pounds at 25" draw
Black Glass: $175 Shipped to lower 48
White Glass: $175 Shipped to lower 48
Clear Glass with hardwood face veneers: $210 Shipped to lower 48
Includes 1 bowstring and a bow sock.

The TadPole is limited to stock on hand, we will do our best to keep plenty in stock but because of our busy schedule these will probably be the last ones built till the new year. 

Call or email to purchase yours today 

Friday, July 13, 2012


   Most of our business is custom work. We offer to many options to list and we do our best to build a bow that will meet the customers wants needs and expectations. To place a custom order Just give us a call or send an email.

   For those who want to choose a finished bow and want it as soon as possible, we try to keep a nice selection of Inventory bows.  We just finished 3 new inventory Whips, a 62" 48#, a 64" 46#, and a66"44#.
To check them out click the inventory longbow tab at the top of the page.

Jared Toelke

Friday, June 8, 2012


    Here at Toelke Traditional Archery we use real hardwood risers and Limb faces, not Diamondwood or laminated, stained woods. We have a great selection of fantastic hardwoods from all over tho world.
     We do not list the wood species we use on our site because the availability of certain woods comes and goes. Call or email and tell us what kind of colors, tones and figure you are looking for and will help guide you to the riser wood/limb face veneer combination to match what you are looking for in your new custom bow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bamboo Cores

     We do everything in house and never cut corners. We use Bamboo cores in all of our bows because of its great cast and exceptional smoothness. Many Bowyers tell customers that Bamboo is nothing special,   from my experience they are trying to save themselves money and lots of time. We spend many hours turning strips of heat treated bamboo into Veneers. It is very light in mass for its stiffness and  recoils very fast, hence its many years of use in Traditional bows and fly rods.
     In our longbows we typically use two tapered strips if heat treated Bamboo(shown) one of  tapered edge grain, laminated, heat treated, Bamboo in the belly for higher compression. Two strips of the best clear glass we can get, face veneers of your choice and a thin tapered center lamination to match your riser choice.  This making our standard Longbow limb eight veneers!

25 strips of heat treated bamboo before and after initial grinding.
                  They are now ready to be tapered and ground to thickness for each bows draw weight.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


    Guys are Talking about the new HS Whip limb so I thought I would post something about it.

   First off, here at Toelke Traditional Archery we are always looking for ways to improve our products. The HS Whip limb is a result of just that. A improvement on an already good thing! The Adjustments were made to Whip lengths 58" 60" and 62". The 64" and 66"  Were right where we wanted them, but we felt we could do better on the shorter models. The HS limb gave us a lighter, higher tension limb, improving both performance and the smooth quiet feel that the Whip is known for!
                                                                              Jared Toelke
62" Classic Whip HS