Friday, August 10, 2012

Double Robin Hood

      Many times we've been asked,"how well can you shoot a a Whip longbow that weighs only 18 ounces?"  Today while shooting our (shot out) rhinehart 3D target the answer came to Dan. At 22 yards he sailed an arrow into the core of the target, upon drawing a second arrow and shooting it, there was a report. A loud crack of arrows colliding, the second  arrow burring into the first and driving it through the target. This supported the second arrow for the third shot. Could it be done twice in a row? The third shot struck dead center on the nock and bore into the second arrow leaving  the third in the target and the first two hanging 60 inches out the back side of the target. 

                        Dan with his prize that unfortunately cost him two CX Heritage shafts.


  1. great shooting Dan.
    Chris Kiefner

  2. Great shooting indeed! Those Whips will cost you some arrows like this for sure.


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