Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bamboo Cores

     We do everything in house and never cut corners. We use Bamboo cores in all of our bows because of its great cast and exceptional smoothness. Many Bowyers tell customers that Bamboo is nothing special,   from my experience they are trying to save themselves money and lots of time. We spend many hours turning strips of heat treated bamboo into Veneers. It is very light in mass for its stiffness and  recoils very fast, hence its many years of use in Traditional bows and fly rods.
     In our longbows we typically use two tapered strips if heat treated Bamboo(shown) one of  tapered edge grain, laminated, heat treated, Bamboo in the belly for higher compression. Two strips of the best clear glass we can get, face veneers of your choice and a thin tapered center lamination to match your riser choice.  This making our standard Longbow limb eight veneers!

25 strips of heat treated bamboo before and after initial grinding.
                  They are now ready to be tapered and ground to thickness for each bows draw weight.