Wednesday, July 26, 2017


   We would like to take a moment to explain our two general grip choices. Of course within these choices custom options can be requested and sending us a hand tracing is always a good idea.

   Our "standard" grip is a rather complex grip designed to place your hand where it should be with little thought on your part. The standard features a thumb locator and is generally shot bare(no leather or rubber). It is our first recommendation and is preferred by the majority of our customers.

   The "Classic" grip is generally chosen by those who have shot lower/straiter grips and have grown accustom to that feel. Our Classic has no thumb locator and typically features a leather wrap. Many find our Classic grip more complex than other bowyers offerings and easily achieve proper hand placement.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


   We are always taking custom orders and hold a short lead time.  However we also understand that some of our customers like to see it before they buy. Others want a bow right now and with paypal purchases we can just about make that happen as most bows are shipped within 24hours of payment.