To order by mail: Send personal check or PO money order to:
Dan Toelke
31345 lost creek lane
Ronan, MT 59864

$5 shipping on all US accessory orders
Please contact us for International shipping rates.

Replacement Strings
  We build all of our strings for our bows, we will also build replacement strings for any Toelke bow. Replacements are $24ea with cat whisker silencers.
Please contact us for International shipping rates.

   Our strings are built Endless Loop style in our own fashion. We recommend fast flight for our bows.

   We have worked hard to create a extremely durable string, a string that functions best for each bow model and want these string to be available to our customers!

You can mail us a personal check, money order OR to pay with Paypal or credit card "add to cart below!"
 We do not provide bowstrings for other manufacturers bows.
Please fill out bow model, length, weight and weather you shoot split finger or three under.
Specify: model, length, weight

Toelke Logo Hats
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Nock Fit Tool
A tight nock or a nock with heavy clips can result in poor arrow flight and more noise from your bow. This simple, easy to use tool quickly and evenly adjust nocks to desired tension without damaging or weakening them. Machined from aluminum with two sizes for getting correct fit, this tool will last forever and can save you a lot of headache when tuning arrows.
A crazy deal at $10

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