Monday, June 3, 2019

  Why the custom, steel frame, pneumatic, internally heated presses?

     If you have followed us for long you have probably seen our big presses and wondered "what makes that better than a standard form?" While they accomplish the same thing(squishing bows) they offer benefits for you as well as for us.
    We can easily make perfect blocks where top and bottom limbs are exactly the same improving limb timing.
     The pneumatic lift on the upper bed allows us to have complete control of lowering the top blocks. Only allowing progressive movement is critical for a perfect, air free bond.
     Internal strips heat the press before and during the process. Thanks to direct heat the epoxy becomes more viscus and gets better penetration. Heat during curing improves bond and creates higher temperature protection for your bow.

    Most importantly these presses and our careful methods have prevented us from having a single unexplained limb delamination or broken bow. Giving you more confidence when taking your bow to the field or range. Offering you more confidence in your purchase of a Toelke bow.

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