Monday, May 14, 2018

The Whistler

The Hoary Marmot, often called a "Whistler" for the whistle they make to alarm each other.
Here a "Whistler" watches over his high country home in Glacier National Park where Dan spent many summers working with his family as a boy.
photo credit "Lorilie Nelson Photography"

The "Whistler" longbow
   Toelke Traditional Archery has always tried to cater to archers of all draw lengths. Since the introduction of the Pika we have had many requests for a longer Pika type longbow. 

   We are proud to announce the "Whistler" reflex deflex longbow. It is now offered in a 58 inch to accommodate up to 30.5 inch draw lengths and 60 inch for archers pulling up to 32 inches! The "Whistler" has proved to be smooth drawing, quiet, soft in the hand as well as being forgiving and easy to shoot. We are very excited to add it to our great line and are now taking orders on one piece and two piece take down bows. $825 for the one piece, $1075 for a T/D
 The Whistler(top) along side a Pika(bottom)

The Whistler design allowed us to create a grip just like the Pika's
 Whistler left, both grips are very similar to the whip

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