Friday, February 24, 2017


   Less than two years from its interdiction there are already Pika's covering the states and a few around the globe. This is a very short  longbow (54" & 56") that draws smooth and performs. 
   Something were hearing from many of our customers is that they never knew a short bow could be that easy to shoot and shoot so good! Hearing some say they will be taking them to 3D shoots this year because they are shooting them so well. If your looking for a compact bow you better give the pika a try.


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  2. Posting for a Pika Customer, Thanks for the review Neal!

    "I just received my Pika from Dan Toelke last week. The craftsmanship put into this bow is second to none. My 56" Pika @ 46# shoots like a dream. The draw is smooth and the grip... well you would have to shoot it to understand. Dan's communication and turnaround was spot on. I would recommend a Toelke to anyone in the market. Neal"


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