Friday, April 15, 2016

Best bows for long draw

  We try to accommodate all archers including building bows that perform for the short draw archers, bows that open smoothly to extreme long draw and everyone in between! To best  handle you guys who have trouble finding arrows long enough (30"-33" plus draw length) we have a few great options!
  Our 66" Whip Is buttery smooth (well under 3# per inch) to 33"+ draw lengths and performs! We have some guys shooting these at 34".

  The 66" Lynx is also a great option drawing smoothly(again well under 3# per inch) to that 32"+ range.

  Those looking for a recurve option our 64" SS is very easy to shoot and unbelievably smooth. We are building one right now for a customer ("Don"your bow is in the works!) the bow will be 51#@32" and  42#@28".  Simple math, 9 lbs in 4" is 2 1/4lb PER INCH from 28" to 32"! Hard to imagine how good that feels without drawing one yourself.

All of these bows can be built with grips to handle big hands. We have seen hand tracings that didn't fit on on a standard sheet of paper! With a little information we can make a bow that will truly fit you.


  1. I own two 66" Whips from Dan, one for myself and one for my 22 year old son. I can attest to the suitability of these longer Whips in accommodating long draws such as ours.
    I draw 32" and my son draws 31.5". We tried some other longbows and recurves over the last year, but nothing that we enjoy shooting as much as the Whips that Dan and Jared are making.

    I was out shooting my 43.5# 66" two piece Whip yesterday and finally found an arrow combination that I like for shooting 3D. These bows seem to have no problem with heavy arrows 14gpp, but I have struggled in finding a lightweight 3D arrow setup. The combination that is working for me is a CE Maxima Hunter 250 full length shaft @ 32.75" with a 125gr point for about 435grains. Bow is shooting them at 184 FPS with very good accuracy. 10.0 gpp
    Brace height is at 7.75" which is right where Dan suggested.

    With that said I am very interested in trying one of Dans 64" SS recurves as a heavy arrow bow for elk, bear and other large animals.


    Don T.
    Black Hawk, CO

  2. For clarification, the 66" Whip referenced above has a draw weight of 43.5# @ 32" draw.


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