Monday, January 11, 2016

Another new year

   Well we are a few days into 2016 and we are excited to continue on building bows to the best of our ability.  Here at Toelke Traditional Archery we build, shape and finish every bow. There are no computerized, automated, cooky cutter machines in our shop. This involved process means we are always searching for any little thing that might improve the quality of our bows.

Points of interest for the new year:

The 60" Chinook is back!

We have a new source for beaver tails in Brown and Black for Super-D and Classic bow grips. Im happy to announce the leather quality is better than we could have hoped! 
And for you who havn't seen, we are also using Beaver tail for all of our arrow rests, were still not sure  how long they last but its darn near forever.

The Whip longbow is still our #1 selling bow and with over ten years of improvements it is ever more spectacular.

The pika is selling strong and we are getting great feedback from their owners, check out the talk on 

The Bow bolt take down system in our bows is gaining popularity every year. Last year one fourth of our Whip's, Pika's, Chinook's and SS's were built around a Mycarta riser with a bow bolt.

And as always we have been hunting down leads on great hardwood for risers and limb veneers. Our wood room has some really nice stuff ready to go in your new custom bow.



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