Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You guys asked for it, so we delivered. The ultimate hunting bow, smooth, quiet, great arrow speeds all in a short package.

   How about 56 inches short!!

   Introducing the "Pika", a reflex deflex longbow that draws smooth to nearly 30".  At only 55" over all length when strung it will fit in the tightest of spots. Running a 7 1/2"-8" brace every bit of power is delivered downrange to your target. Whats more but it offers a smooth quiet release while being unbelievably stable and forgiving.

The Pika is not twitchy like many short bows tend to be "I cant believe how easy it is to shoot." Dan Toelke

 Get it in a one piece or two piece with the bow bolt take down system. As a two piece taken down this bow is shorter than most archers arrows!

We are taking orders now and as always we have one of the shortest turn around times in the custom bow industry.

 Shown with a 64"Whip for comparison


  1. Wow! Looks Fantastic! One of these will be on the wish list for sure! Way to go Dan and Jared!


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