Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fit and Finish

FIT:   All our bows are hand shaped on heavy sanders and hand sanded, edges are neatly radiused. Recurve limb edges are radiused and Longbow limbs are trapped and radiused.

FINISH: Our bows are finished with "Thunderbird" epoxy finish.  We apply 10 coats, wet sand it smooth to 1000 grit(for hand rubbed finish), or buff it  for high gloss. Our matte finished bows get the same 10 coats, then are wet sanded and 3 coats of matte are applied over the clear. This gives a much better result than a milky buildup of matte(like most matte finished products). Leaving a no shine finish yet bringing out all the beauty of the wood and giving your bow a coating to handle any climate.

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