Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

A special thank you to all of you who made 2012 such a great year for us! We built a record number of bows and predict an even busier 2013.

As promised we did a random drawing from the mountain of post cards we received and the winner read:

"Dear Mr. Toelke

 My dream bow would be:
A) A Toelke, (because I shot a Whip once and it really was a dream.)

B) Super-D model

C) 62"

D) 35#@26")

E) Light Myrtle riser with light Myrtle limbs.

Thank you,
                   Sarah *****, New York"

Congratulations to Sarah!  We look forward to building her Toelke dream bow.


  1. congrats, had my fingers crossed. Super D bows are very nice bows. Going to be very pleased with the bow choosen.

  2. Congratulations Sarah! A great bow to choose!


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