Monday, July 7, 2014

Let my Bamboo show

We typically use bamboo in all our bows, some customers choose to let bamboo show rather than use face veneers.  Our heat treated cane ranges from a light gold to a butterscotch. We have a large quantity of cane which allows us to choose the darker pieces for Bamboo faced bows.
Here are some photos showing some bamboo bows and how they look with different riser woods.
This bow is in our inventory and features a Mora riser.

This Chinook is in our current inventory,  It has a  quilted Myrtlewood Riser with Bocote accents.

  Current inventory Whips featuring Cocobolo risers.


  1. For those who do not already know, a Toelke bow is synonymous with attention to detail, superlative build quality and exceptional customer service with a sort of kinship not often found these days. These bows are crafted to your exact specifications and they are built to perform consistently despite conditions. It is because of these qualities, bows built by Dan and Jared will be the only ones to accompany me when the cool fall air of the north Idaho woods comes calling.

  2. I have had two bows from Dan that we're bamboo. Lesson one, don't lean them on a fence near standing corn, they can be hard to find! Really stunning bows as we'll. no surprise there though.


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