Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two piece, or Three?

This is not a "which is better?" but rather "which is better for what purpose?"

    To compare the two piece Whip, Chinook, Kestrel, or 64SS to the three piece Lynx would be like trying to compare a lion and a shark. The differences are to great, so instead lets look at how they contrast. 

    The two piece bow is a handy bow that can be broken down to save space in a matter of seconds. Those who desire a take down for the ease of travel, our two piece bows featuring the Bow Bolt take down system are top notch!

    The Lynx can also be taken apart to save space but requires a wrench and takes a minute or two to perform. The best purpose for the three piece is having the option of limb sets in multiple draw weights or having both longbow and recurve limbs.

    One, two or three, the choice is yours, the options are endless.

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