Three piece Bow designs

All bows come with a soft case and two bowstrings. First time customers will also receive a free bowstringer!

Black and brown glass bows subtract $100.00

The lynx
  The lynx is a Three piece Take down bow made to accept both longbow and recurve limbs! 
The riser is a linen Micarta insert laminated with your choice of exotic hardwoods. All hardwood risers are also offered with the use of certain hardwoods. The Lynx can be ordered with thumb rest Locator grip or classic grip with leather wrap.
Longbow limbs sport a feel much like that of our whip, extremely smooth and quiet!
longbow limbs  feature a bamboo core and your choice of  face veneers. 
offered in 60" 62" 64" and 66" lengths

Recurve limbs Boast high energy storage,  great performance, a very smooth feel and  hush quietness! Featuring a bamboo core and your choice of  face veneers.
offered in 56" 58" and 60" lengths

Bow with one set of limbs $975  
Combo bow $1350
Limbs ordered Later $425

Call or email if you have any questions.

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