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All bows come with a soft case and two bowstrings
First time customers will also receive a free bowstringer

64" Super static Recurve Take Down $1125

64" SS Take Down 38#@28" Right hand
Linen Micarta riser with goncala alves accents and mango face veneers


64" Super Static Recurves $875.00

55#@28" Right hand SOLD
Linen micarta riser, Myrtle face veneers\
LR version for draw lengths 30.5" or shorter

44#@28" Right hand
Linen micarta riser, quilted maple face veneers

40#@28" Right handTillered 3 under
Linen micarta riser, bocote face veneers

40# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Pau Ferro riser, Maple face veneers


Take Down Chinook Recurves $1125.00

58"  55#@28" Right handSOLD
Linen micarta riser, myrtle face veneers

58" 48#@28" Right handSOLD
Linen micarta riser with bocote accents and myrtle face veneers

58" 66# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Linen Micarta riser with Bocote grip accents and black glass face$1025

58" 55# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Linen Micarta riser with Cocobolo grip accents, Mango face veneers


One Piece Chinook Recurves $875

60" 46#@28" Right handSOLD
Walnut Dymalux riser, quilted maple face veneers

60" 56#@28" Right handSold
Linen micarta riser with cocobolo accents and myrtle face veneers

58" 50#@28" Right handSOLD
Texas ebony riser, myrtle back, quilted maple belly

60" 48#@28" right handSOLD
Micarta riser with goncola alves accents, yew face veneers

60" 50# @ 28" Right hand
Pau Ferro riser, Mango face veneers


Classic Chinooks $875.00

60" 51# @ 28" Right hand 
Bocote riser,  Myrtle face veneers

Troll Take Down $1075

52" Take down!  47# @ 28" Right hand SOLD
Mycarta riser with Cocobolo grip accents and Mango face veneers

Troll $825.00

52"  57#@28" Right handSOLD
Dymalux riser, Myrtle face veneers

52" 41#@28" Right hand
Bocote riser, myrtle face veneers

52" 45#@28" Right handSOLD
Bocote riser, myrtle face veneers

52" 43#@28" Right hand
Katalox riser, myrtle face veneers

52" 53# @ 28"  LEFT HAND
Cocobolo riser, Mango face veneers

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A small deposit is required upon ordering with the remaining balance due when your bow is completed.
Any bow not paid for in full within 60 days of completion will go into our inventory and we will keep your deposit.
Customers who default on payment will be required to pay in full up front if they would like to order another bow.

We have very little trouble with this thanks to our great customers!


  1. Toelke Super Static:

    After shooting compound bows since 1985, when I was 13, it was only a few short years ago that I cut my traditional teeth on a Bear SK recurve. That moment re-enlightened my fire for Archery and Bowhunting altogether. Since that introduction to the traditional side of the craft, my journey has continued to grow more fulfilling, while at the same time, the dynamic of the skill keeps you striving to be your best.

    The time I loosed an arrow through my first longbow, I thought that the recurve was not for me. With my 30" draw, I felt like I had run out of room at anchor and the longbow I was shooting at the time was easier on the hands and the shoulder.
    A good number of longbows have passed my hands since then and of different designs. In early 2012 I contacted the bowyer Dan Toelke whom I had read positive reviews about on the traditional archery websites. I took custody of my first Whip longbow shortly after that conversation. I have had my hands on the Whips and Super-D's that are sold on these pages and I like to think of myself as a longbow guy even though there was a fire deep inside me that craved a 50's style recurve

    It wasn't until recently that I found out, while speaking with Dan, that they were launching a new style recurve, a static tipped version in the longer length of 64" that had been a couple years in the making. The bow was said to have a low string angle that gave a clean release and due to the longer static design, a smooth consistent pull for long draws.

    Fulfilling the inner desire for a 50's style recurve, I was blessed to bring home #7 of Dan and Jared's limited edition Super Static. This bow has proved what it was promised to do and that was having a smooth and even pull out to my 30" and beyond while providing a lower than normal string angle and clean release. I set the brace height to the 7 5/8 that was recommended and the nock height to 3/4" which has worked best for me on my other Toelke bows. The arrows loosed off the shelf perfectly straight. Not only is the bow the quietest recurve I have shot, it is one of the quietest period! As quiet as my Toelke D bow to my ears.

    An Hour at the range chrono has shown that the Super Static is no slouch either. I am beyond pleased at the results even though the speed factor was never a consideration, just a curiosity.
    This year, this proven tack driving Super Static will not leave these hands until it brings home the woods bounty. I feel more confident now that I can get great arrow speed with a lower poundage bow than I normally shoot. If you are looking for a bow with all the characteristics I've mentioned, you need to really consider bringing one of these home. You will not regret it.

  2. A friend just purchased a Super Static bow. It is beautiful and sweet shooting! However it is a full working recurve as revealed by a slow motion shot of the recurve opening at full draw. The old static recurves did not open when drawing and were sharper in configuration.

  3. At first I had only heard about Dan Toelke and on a few archery forums. After doing a couple months of research and investigating other bowyers I decided to call up Dan Toelke. Turns out he's one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys you'd ever want making a bow for you. He will listen to your needs/wants and make suggestions as well.
    After a little chat I was on his build list for a Whip HS longbow
    I wanted it made of Cocobolo/bamboo with mango veneers and the following specs 62" 51#@27" and his thumb locator handle.
    I had the brand new bow sent to me in under 30 days.
    This bow was surprisingly light and fast! FELT AMAZING and shot even better.
    It honestly took me a week or so to get used to it because I was coming from a lighter poundage and heavier mass (44#@28") Great Plains 3-piece take-down longbow (which I sold to fund this purchase and would do again in a heartbeat)
    After the initial break in period I was consistently nailing tennis balls, etc at 20 yards +
    I was and still am so excited about this bow.
    I was so excited I thought the Whip needed a friend and the next thing I knew I was calling Dan again.
    I was on his list for a second time, but this time it was for a Chinook that would be built to shoot the same arrow configuration he suggested I try with the Whip (which turned out to be a tack driving combo)
    I received the Chinook in about 30 days and began shooting that along with my Whip.
    Both bows are gorgeous and I rotate them out as to which one I practice with and take hunting etc.
    They are both the QUIETEST and FASTEST traditional bows I have ever shot.
    I highly recommend you will not be sorry.

    I have a video review on the Whip here:
    and here is a rabbit kill with the Whip:
    Here is a Ram hunt with the Chinook here:
    I plan to own each bow model that he makes some day.

    -Brandon Ferrier


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