Inventory Longbows

All Bows come with one soft case, and Two bowstrings.
First time customers will also receive a free Bowstringer.

Take Down Whips. $1050.00

64" Whip 54# @ 28" Right hand
Linen Mycarta riser with Bocote grip accents, Black Limba limb veneers

62" Whip 55# @ 28" Right hand
Linen Mycarta riser with Bocote grip accents, Black Limba limb veneers

60" Classic Whip HS 56# @ 28" Right hand
Linen Mycarta riser with Cocobolo grip accents, Mango face veneers
A leather or rubber grip may be added at customer request.

Whips $800.00

62" Whip 53# @ 28" Right hand
Texas Ebony riser, Myrtle limb faces

64" Whip 49# @ 28" Right hand
Che Chen riser, Spalted Maple limb faces

64" Whip 50# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Cocobolo riser, Quilted Myrtle limb faces

66" Whip 38# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Goncola Alves riser, Juniper limb faces

62" Whip HS 50# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Cocobolo riser, quilted Maple faces

62" Whip HS 54# @ 28" Right handSOLD
Pau Ferro riser, Myrtle limb faces

62" Whip HS 52# @ 28" Right hand
Che Chen riser, Canary face veneers and East Indian Rosewood grip accents.

60" Whip HS 50 # @ 28" Right hand
Pau Ferro, Mango face veneers

62"Whip HS 54# @ 28" Right hand$700
East Indian Rosewood riser, with Cocobolo grip accents and Black glass faces

58" Whip HS 48# @ 28" Right hand $700
East Indian Rosewood riser, Black Glass faced


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Classic Whips $800.00

62" HS 53# @ 28" Right hand

Che Chen riser, Mango face veneers(very nice wood combo) and Beaver tail grip.

64" HS  53# @ 28" Right hand
Cocobolo riser, Mango face veneers.
Note:Bow can be left as is or a leather grip of choice can be added at customer request 

64" HS 51# @ 28" Right Hand
Cocobolo riser, Mango limb faces

64" Classic Whip HS 50# @ 28" Right Hand
Cocobolo riser, gold Elm limb veneers

64" Classic Whip HS 54# @ 28" Right Hand $700
Cocobolo riser and Black Glass faces

64" Classic Whip HS 48# @ 28" Right Hand $700
Catlox riser and Black Glass faces

58" HS 38# @ 28" Right hand$700
Kingwood riser, Black Glass faced

64" H.S. 53# @ 28" Right hand $700
Cocobolo riser, Brown Glass limb faces and leather grip wrap.

TD Pikas $1000

56" 57# @ 28" Right hand
Linen Micarta riser with cocobolo grip accents, Mango face veneers and sheep tips.

Pika's $750

56" 48# @ 28" Right hand
Cocobolo riser, Myrtle face veneers

56" Take Down 40# @ 28" Right hand Price:$1000SOLD
Linen Mycarta riser with Bocote grip accents and Bocote face veneers.

56" 50# @ 28" Right hand Demo priced $650(new condition)
Ebony riser, Black Limba face veneers, tillered 3under

56" 50# @ 28" Right hand$650
Bocote riser, black glass faces

56" 48# @ 28" Right hand
Mycarta riser, Black glass faces and Cocobolo grip accents

56" 49# @ 28" Right hand
Bocote riser and Bocote faces

56" Classic 42# @ 28" Right hand $650
Stableized brown quilted Maple riser, Brown glass faces

56" Classic 50# @ 28" Right Hand$650
Che Chen riser, Brown glass face.

Super D bows $700

66" 44# @ 28" Right hand
Cocobolo riser, Mango veneers

64" 51# @ 28" Right hand
Bocote riser, Yew limb veneers, sheep tips. XX quality, standard price!

64" 55# @ 28" Right hand
Che Chen riser, two tone Black Limba veneers

62" 49# @ 28" Right hand
Cocobolo riser, Bocote limb veneers

66"  55# @ 28" Right Hand
Pau Ferro riser, Yew limb faces

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  1. I received my Toelke classic whip two days ago and have been putting arrows through it every day. Mine is a 66" 55@28 pulling 30" so I estimate my holding weight maybe 60-61lbs. I have had a few different types of bows from a few different bowyers and this is the smoothest drawing bow I've shot period!
    I have been comparing it to my trusty Dwyer Dauntless since its arrival and this Toelke is quieter, smoother to draw and has no harshness after the string is released. A stark difference where I thought none could exist.

  2. I have owned over 40 different bows from over 20 different "custom" bowyers.

    Here is what I have observed:
    1. Very long lead times do not equal quality or high popularity. In fact it often means bow making is a hobby business as they have a full-time job preventing them from getting to their bow orders.
    2. "Custom" varies greatly by bowyer. No one I have dealt with will customize (i.e. deviate from their basic design) more than Dan and Jarred. They have built bows for me that are effectively hybrids between the chinook and whip. Try to get most custom bowyers to merge a recurve and longbow design and still retain the best aspects of both and you will understand what I mean. There is more to customization than wood selection and grip height.
    3. After the sale service is generally good with most bowyers since they all love their product; however, Dan and Jarred go above and beyond.Trust me when I say they have fixed more than one thing after I took delivery of a bow customization I insisted on (I was warned ahead of time by Dan on two occasions that I might have issues) and they were more than fair in their expectations on my pocketbook after the fact.
    4. Dan and Jarrod are very professional people and stick to helping you select the best bow for you and don't bad mouth other bowyers when you ask about how they compare.
    5. Tolerance range is a good way to judge the bowyer's experience level. Toelke's are +/- 0.5 lbs. Find a traditional bowyer who guarantees better than +/- 2 lbs and chances are they have built enough bows to know what will work in their design and more importantly what won't.

    Bottomline, my favorite bows are made by Montana Bows and I keep finding ways to justify buying another because besides the enjoyment I get out of the bow itself. I get equal enjoyment out of the creative design process I go through with Dan. He gets me.

  3. Just wanted to say "Thanks" to Dan and Jared and the work they do. I received a "new to me" Whip longbow a couple of months ago and it's been my go to bow since day one. I've shot my share of one piece longbows and what really makes the Whip stand out to me is how stable the bow is in relation to it's mass weight, or lack thereof. I'm not a fan of bow quivers but I typically use them for additional weight/stability. Not with my Whip though. Quiet, fast, smooth and stable. Doesn't hurt that it's some pretty serious eye-candy too! Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  4. I wanted to say thank you for the quality and craftsmanship of my Super D. This bow is very smooth to draw and unlike most D-shaped longbows I know that I will not lose any teeth and not feel like my elbow is jarred when I release the string and send an arrow down range. If you always have wanted a D-shape longbow you need to get one of these.

  5. You will see a lot of praise and write-ups online about the Toelke Traditional Archery Whips, both standard and classic and rightly so. These designs are superior in fit and finish, cast and quietness. I am writing this to those who peruse through this website, are cognizant of the Whips but not so of the Super D.

    The Super D is a straight limbed longbow narrow in width and deep in its multiple core lams with backset at the ends. I cannot tell you why it shoots so smooth while other D bows do not because I am not a Bowyer. I can only tell you, as an owner, that it is fast, very fast actually ,quiet, stable during the shot and extremely enjoyable to shoot. This design has not had as many reviews or time in the limelight as other Toelke designs but it does have a well deserved loyal and content following. If the aesthetics of the classic longbow whisper to your soul, look no further than to the elegant and simple design of the Toelke Super D. This classic design will shoot straight, shoot quick and is sure to please.

  6. I received my 64" Whip last week, and love it... spot on with the right brace height and nock pt, figured out a good arrow weight... smooth, quiet, and drop dead gorgeous with an East Indian Rosewood and XX Maple limbs, built to my draw weight at 30" and tillered three under, Dan has once again created a beautiful piece of art, can't suggest this bowyer enough!